Habituating factors

Habituating factors Habits are a complex system. It is no exaggeration to say that the system as a whole is based on habits. If you don't start your day with a motivation, you're less likely to stick to your routines. it's easy to break down routines and practice new ones at home. enjoy your favorite sports, but if you're not lazy to do it, it will only add to your stress. Thankfully, there are a lot of tools at home that will help you fight against procrastination and laziness. the Morning to-do list. Use them, and go to the gym! : )And so, the top 3 habits for maintaining focus and improving your mood are...1. Use a contrasting shower or hot showerYou've probably heard it countless times: "No water without oxygen". You're right. In a healthy body, oxygenation is achieved via two mechanisms: (1) Excessive heat (from the surroundings, in particular, the movement of moist air against the skin), and (2) the Simultaneous production of lactic acid (from within the body, as a result of which, the acid secretion is inhibited). Apply this principle to your shower. If the volume is too small, the temperature is too low, or the flow is blocked, then the body will start losing its minerals.ReproducibilityThis effect is achieved via a change in the external environment. When you Wake up, your brain activity is significantly reduced, you feel a chill go up to your skin, and your mood falls. In General, your brain is less active during sleep, so if you want to get a good start in the morning, do it now.2. Take a SiestaTake a Siesta before going to bed. During the Siesta, the body releases a large amount of its own hydroxyl products (vacuum), which help to digest food. After the body has received nutrients and dissolved toxins, they are no longer used up. This effect lasts for two to four hours.ReproducibilityThis effect is achieved via a change in the external environment. During sleep, the amount of lactic acid in the blood increases, which reduces the effectiveness of dietary supplements. Therefore, if you want to get a charge of cheerfulness, then do not eat at night: the time is critical.3. Take a Weak drinkYour brain is less active during sleep, which means that less energy is spent on the processing of incoming messages. This reduces the effectiveness of dietary Supplements. Therefore, if you want to increase your activity, then you need to start work in the morning. Execute the morning drill: Wake up early in the morning. Schedule a morning workout. Wait an hour or two to allow the body to recover. Take a Supplement before going to bed. Drink a strength boost. Refreshments will be provided. Drink a balanced drink. Before going to bed, you should sleep fully: the body releases lactic acid. Release the cushion. Allow the body to recover.