Fitness CENTER: DON'T HURT YOURSELF! Everyone wants to be beautiful, youthful and fit. This is pleasant, and these requirements are dictated by time. All bonuses are for life, everyone works out to their limits, puts in a lot of effort, but in order to achieve such results, and not to brag at all, you don't have to be rich: you just have to work hard, put in the effort and achieve, right?Wrong! Performing to your own needs, not for the sake of being "perfect", it's better to stretch than it is to stretch the body. And the most the main thing is not to overdo it. Everyone needs to maintain a certain amount of flexibility, both in movement and in weight. This requires physical fitness.Not everyone can work out in their own way. If you don't have the necessary equipment – whether it's a track and field uniform, a gymnastic stick, anvils – then you can use tools. The most important tools are your own body and mind. Think about what you want – whether it's a bonus for training the body, or a punishment for finishing first. And by "punishments", I don't mean physical exercises, but rather mental exercises.Exercise "mental exercise" – think about what you'd like to do in your workout. Identify the movement and mental model. For example, you can do lunges on a vertical bar, or hammer squats with a parallel arm. Before the exercise, identify the movement and mental model. For example, vertical bar jumps, hammer squats with a vertical body, and so on. Gradually, move the focus to horizontal bars, making sure not to step on your own toes.Life hack: practice with an immovable object – a horizontal bar. From this position, mentally shift your body weight to your feet, squatting parallel to the floor, performing lunges over the top of it, alternating between the feet. The emphasis should be on the work of the abdominal muscles.Exercise "mental exercise" – think about what kind of movement would you like to perform. For example, hammer squats with a thick belt. Do not forget about the need to develop adequate endurance. Also, consider whether you can do three or four sets in one workout. Four sets is not suitable: 1. You don't have the necessary equipment; 2. You are tired; 3. You are short in movements; 4. You are weak in movements; You need to get stronger.Step by step by step: 1. Find a horizontal bar. Take a couple of sets to build up your strength. If four or more people work out on one horizontal bar, then you've already failed. You need to train more often. 2. Build your strength with regular lunges – for example, at the very beginning of a workout, perform one set of 25 times. 3. Strengthen your muscles with strength exercises. Try to alternate sets with heavy weights and short intervals of rest. 4. Reward yourself with a sweet reward – for example, do a lunges style routine.